About Us

About Us

RH Law is a boutique criminal defence practice with an emphasis on the personal approach.

Our ethos has always been that ‘big is not necessarily better’.  We are a small team of dedicated individuals driven entirely by the desire to bring about the best outcome for our clients regardless of the predicament in which they find themselves.





We specialise in defending clients facing the most serious and complex of allegations.  We aim to always be contactable and know our clients value consistency and continuity when it comes to their representation.  We provide that reassuring ‘hand on the shoulder’ at those times when clients are most vulnerable and when the world can feel a very lonely place.


We have experience of all types of cases from drugs conspiracies through to complex frauds and regulatory matters. We are highly regarded by other professionals in the field and have access to some of the most able barristers and experts in the country to help us defend you. We have never needed to advertise, our referrals come mostly by word of mouth and personal recommendation.