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Instructed to represent
company director arrested
in Thailand and returned to the UK to face fraud and Company Act charges following the collapse of the Property Life Group in 2004.
Fraud and regulatory crime -

Your first step to defend

your reputation

Allegations of fraud and regulatory offences can often be complex and bewildering.
For those accused of these types of offences, a lawyer with specialised knowledge is
a must.

RH Law have a proven track record in business crime. We are experienced in managing difficult and protacted cases with the utmost sensitivity because we understand how much can be at stake for our business clients.

In many of these cases, legal aid will be available. If you are not entitled to legal aid
we will discuss our fees with you in an entirely transparent way; fees that will always
be competitive.

If you or your business are under scrutiny, contact us to discuss matters.
We will be able to help.

We are experts in the following areas:

VAT and tax fraud
Money laundering
Corporate manslaughter, safety and environment
Confiscation proceedings and restraint of assets
Trading standards
Corruption and bribery
Regulatory and disciplinary proceedings

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